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Are you obsessed with getting somewhere?

Ever obsess about where you’re going professionally only to realize upon getting “there” it’s not what you thought it would be?

The questions I get asked the most are about finding the “best” jobs, earning some status and about visiting epic locations. We treat life like a hunt for the right occupation, adventure and things. But our problem isn’t that we haven’t found what we’re looking for. The problem is we’re looking for the wrong thing.

We’re obsessed with destinations when an extraordinary life can only be navigated in directions.

Don’t ask if something is right or wrong. Ask if it moves you toward or away. Toward or away from what you ask? YOU!

Instead of: ”Should I become a project manager”Ask: “Is this a place that is a good fit for my strengths and will I get to use my talents .”

Instead of: “Do I have the time to commit to yet another favor being asked of me?”Ask: “Is this the best use of me and what will be the impact on my wellbeing?”

Instead of: “What do you think I’m good and what are you willing to offer me?”Ask: “My best contribution is (Fill in the blank) and to bring that I need….Are you a place that can provide this?”

Your life is perpetually moving in a direction and the only destination that matters is the fulfillment of your potential in the end.

When you let go of destination obsession and embrace living by direction, amazing things happen.

-You’re less afraid.

-You realize you have so many more options because the road keeps going.

-You don’t have to follow other peoples routes and expectations.

Navigating in a direction is living life by a compass and not the world’s maps.  If you’re interested in developing your own compass, I wrote a book to show you how.

This week, start by asking yourself if you’re asking the right questions.  Be less obsessed about the specifics and reach for the higher calling of direction. Why are you wanting this? What do you hope it will give you?  Are you afraid of something that is holding you back?

Once we get the right tools of navigating, there’s very few places you can’t go!

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