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Do you have the courage to be grateful?

Gratitude and courage don’t share much real estate. They’re usually miles apart. If we’re honest they play different parts in our minds. Questioning if you have the courage to be grateful makes no sense.

Grateful people, thankful people — they’re meek in our minds. They’re receiving from someone else. We put them in lower standing as if it’s demeaning to have to accept and then acknowledge a generous source. It’s all a lie.

Gratitude and thankfulness are brazen acts of courage!

Courage is about confronting our fears with truth and sacrificial action. Gratitude is realizing that what you have isn’t the result of you alone. God, family, friends, strangers, chance, privilege and the luck of geography, each have a massive impact on the reality of our lives. Much of what we value in life is out of our control to reproduce, protect and secure. It takes courage to look that uncertainty in the face, consider all the possible responses and express gratitude for today, right now, this moment.

Maybe you’re facing unemployment.
Maybe your father started chemo this week.
Maybe you’re running so hard you don’t know how to stop and worry you’re going to collapse if someone doesn’t stop you.

There are monsters in the dark waters of tomorrow that we just can’t see. So, let’s face them with truth and respond with action.

The truth is:

No one is promised tomorrow, so you can celebrate today.
It’s a blessing to have unemployment.
Asking others for help hurts mostly our pride.
If you’re the poorest in the United States you are still richer and with more options than 99% of the world.

So, you can be thankful.
You can tell people you love them and you’re grateful for their presence in your life.
You can make 3 phone calls this week to tell people that you just wanted to say “I love you.”

Sure, tomorrow may be hard. You may have less than today. You may struggle with things you never dreamed of.

But today…be a courageous warrior of gratitude…because today is all we have.

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