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The Key to Courage

We want to be courageous. We want to be brave. We want to slay our dragons of fear and live to tell the valiant tale to those who come behind us. But all this wanting doesn’t make it so…

We avoid discomfort.
We mitigate risk, not embrace it.
We keep playing “small-ball with neighborhood kids” and pretend it’s the major leagues.

But we want to be courageous.

We want to start businesses.
We want to say no.
We want to demand equal pay.
We want to call the joke out of bounds.
We want to resist self-medication
We want to be the shining hero.

So why don’t we? We’ve been told to focus on the wrong thing.

We think courage is about forcing ourselves to the “right.” Driving ourselves past the pit stops of problems. It’s chanting in your mind until the pain doesn’t matter. We think courage is a virtue of resolve. So, learn to just do it. This is a lie.

You will get tired. You will let go. Your training will give out. Resolve isn’t the key to courage, sacrificial truth is.

Don’t spend your time tightening your grasp on your resolve, get a grip on a compelling truth. Courage is about action in the face of fear. But fear is always based on what we believe is true. Instead of blindly pushing us to something we think is right, we need a magnificent obsession that pulls us forward.

What if you started focusing on your strengths?
What if you compiled all the reasons why short-term choices could have long term impact?
What if you dreamed of wanting more in your life than your current job and weekend survival?

When these things become true in your mind, they become bigger than your fears.

I heard it said once, when a bear comes racing out of the forest in the dark of night, your mind doesn’t ask if it’s a man in a costume. It just runs. But what if it was. What if after the initial jolt you realized it was your best friend pulling a prank. The truth of what was in the suit changes your actions and standing up to what felt like life threatening fear becomes child’s play.

Someone needs to know, what you think is chasing you to your death, is really just a poser in a suit.

You’ve got this! Embrace the truth, face your fear, and we’ll tell stories about you for years.

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