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The key to starting- Stop it!

For as much as we love beginnings we sure hate endings. We don’t realize that they go together.

Music has rests, sentences have commas, the world has seasons. There has to be a break. There must be an end. If there is no gap, nothing new can ever fill it.

We think good should go on forever. Things that end were not planned well from the beginning. And we question how the absence of something could ever be considered fulfilling.

In our over-scheduled, hyper-planned world, the inertia to just keep running is real. A cardinal law of physics says, “Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force.” Translation to life, what you do today will be what you do tomorrow, unless something stops you.

It’s the week of new beginnings. We’re going to make lists of things we want to change, to alter, or start. My suggestion is to endeavor to become someone who stops.

Stop and consider if what your doing is working. (Really think about it.)

Stop and ask yourself if today is as good as your life gets would you live it any different.

Stop and consider if the choices you’re making today are the same ones you’d make if you were 85.

“Stopping and asking” needs to become built into our lives, if we ever hope to live new beginnings.

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