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The road to success always starts here

Where are you? We’ve been asked this all our lives. It’s a simple question but the answer is everything.

Want a satisfying career? Want to reset your personal life? Want to see your dreams become a reality?

No matter where you want to go, the first step is seeing clearly where you are. We dream, plan and pursue goal after goal and wonder why we run out of resources, get off track or fail before the unknown. You can’t understand how to close the distance between your hopes and your dreams if you don’t have a starting point.

But we are too afraid to look honestly at where we are. We hide our imperfections and inadequacies from everyone including ourselves. We’re sure that failure, flaws and insignificance are all we’ll glimpse in the mirror so we stop looking. The struggle is real, but if you can’t find the strength to see your dirty face you’ll never find the courage to wash it.

-You are not too broken.

-You have choices

-You are stronger than you know.

Once you find the courage to be honest about where you are:

Identity your best moments and work to duplicate them
Start asking others for help or connections. (You have to be hungry enough to reach out to others)
Don’t focus on the the gap between where you are and where you want to be.- Focus on the next measurable step
Turn off the personal judgement

Great leaders know what they are but embrace what they are not. Some of you will find strength in the process of taking away the sting of personal judgement as you create a person inventory. If you’re like me, you need others as mirrors to reflect back the truth. If you need one, I can gladly connect you to myself or others that can stand with you as you step to the starting line of this new journey.

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