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What are you waiting for?

I’ll wait until Monday and then start exercising.
I’ll wait until she’s in a better mood and then I’ll ask for the raise.
I’ll wait until I’m really miserable, then I’ll tell my friends I’m considering a new job.

Waiting, delaying, creating conditions before acting– this simple idea is a toxin that corrupts everything it touches. What starts as a momentary pause can become a habit of avoidance. We want to avoid pain. We’re afraid of the pain that comes with shame, insignificance, disappointment and regret. And faced with the unknown our greatest friend is, to wait.

We tell ourselves it’s for the best. We’re practiced procrastinators and righteous with our reasons.

We believe in perfect resources, a perfect amount of time, a perfect opportunity and we use all three to justify delay.

I’ll return the call when I really have time to talk.
They’re so busy, I’ll ask about the promotion when they don’t feel I’m being a bother.
Their bad behavior isn’t that bad. I’ll talk to them about it when things are less chaotic.
I’ll get started after I [research, study, practice, buy,….fill the blank] and then I’ll be ready.

The only antidote for wait is now.

Send the text to your loved-one, now.
Tell your friends your business idea, now.
Schedule the call with your team leader about your future, now.
Email the head-hunter, now.
Publish that blog to Medium, now.

You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to delay. Your voice is valuable because it’s yours. Speak it, share it, encourage others with it. Not everyone will love it, but those who need it will.

What have you been putting off? What do you keep finding reasons to delay?

What are you waiting for?

Start now.
-Put something on your calendar
-Block time off on your calendar.
-Put a tiny amount in savings.
-Write down descriptions of what you’re thinking and share it.

These small steps, will begin to make you feel successful, now.

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